SCIA (acronym for certified administrative communication)

We range from shops with many locations, franchisors, franchising networks, exhibitions from B2B or C2C in international events to street food local fairs. 

Extract of Technical Regulations 8.1.4 Supply of food and beverages in stands All exhibitors who wish to organize a refreshment area in which food or beverages are supplied, including also the production, must submit the certified notice of business commencement (SCIA) pursuant to Regional Laws no. 1/2007 and no. 33/2009, of the Deliberations of the Regional Council no. 4502/2007, no. 6919/2008 and no. 8547/2008 and the Italian Legislative Decree no. 78/2010. If the Exhibitor entrusts the service to a catering company, it is held directly responsible for the authorizations/certifications that the catering company is required to have in accordance with the law for the provision of the service.

Geos services in macro areas

The “general advice” is for all those activities concerning the agri-food sector interested in HACCP system (ex. D. Lgs. 155/97 – Reg. CE 178/02 – 852/04 – 853/04) through our technical assistance service for HACCP process control system manual.      

GEOS offers a service of sampling and tests made by authorized laboratories of the Italian Minister of Health and Lombardy region working with ACCREDIA verified methods or officially recognized.

GEOS is also often proposed as a partner in the assistance of court in practices or appeals to ATS (ex ASL) or the local authorities in the event of litigation or in case of need of an expert’s opinion.

The consultation involves production, processing and distribution of food products with a targeted service and it is capable of delivery training and sanitary legislation update or private courses in order to replace the ex food safety inspection register.

Advice for voluntary certifications is addressed to the businesses that wish to enhance their productions with voluntary recognition and often more stringent than the limits of the Law in force. In this context GEOS aims for the control and surveillance of food systems through internal audits or at providers of food and services participating in the preparation and verification of special specification for tender.

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