An unquestioned experience with our clients

One of the main aspects of GEOS value is the highly experience reached through the work developed at several public and private companies, organizations, kindergartens, schools, primary industries and food distribution.

This kind of approach enabled GEOS to have a staff of experts, which are able to offer an highly qualified service, caring and punctual in order to deal with the constant updating of sanitary legislation.

Our numbers

  • gave more than 15.000 consultancies in communications, report, observations and technical expertise
  • worked with thousands of companies for hygiene protocols, certification and security
  • is listened by more than 1.100 companies
  • worked with more than 550 schools and institutes
  • 320 CEEs and non in meat, milk, tinned products and distribution areas
  • 2 essays on specific products now published on Mi.P.A.F website
  • 4 laboratories of which 2 belonging to SINAL circuit, available for chemical, microbiological and environmental analysis