Through the origins of our professional history

GEOS sas was founded in 1999 by a group of professional agronomists, biologists, chemists, veterinarians and technologists sharing the guiding principle of  passion for food safety.

To ensure the security of the final customer, to assist and to provide assistance on scientific and technical questions related to hygiene and food safety; these are the purposes for which GEOS was born and raised.


The development and growth of GEOS accompanied and followed the evolution of legislative activity, since the introduction of regulations (ex. D. Lvo 155/97) which was followed by the publication of the “white paper” on food safety and the recent introduction of food safety hygiene packet.

This has all enabled GEOS to raise a team of experts and consultants able to offer a high quality service, also observant, mindful and always punctual, in order to face the continuous innovations introduced by Italian sanitary legislation.


GEOS’ strength and value are characterized by constant updating, direct access through university, national and international databases, representation of our customers at the ATS (ex ASL), USL, government agencies, university laboratories or ISO/IEC 17011 circuit and, mainly, through the constant presence next to our customers in order to control and prevent any kind of risk.